Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Whole Earth Catalog: Everything old is new again

Pouring through the Whole Earth Catalog in 1968 was like having a vision of what our world could be if we used our intelligence, our humanity and our skills for the common good. I have two editions still on my bookshelf along with some copies of the Co-Evolution Quarterlies. It's been many years since those books seemed like they might be a part of saving my life in the year future-- and they were, though not in the way I'd anticipated.

I wonder: How many people even now-- or once again?-- are putting scraps of survival and vision and faith in safe places: a notebook, an internet page, or deep in the soil?

Much of the Whole Earth Catalog is now online. I have to say, though, happy as I am about it, there's nothing like turning the pages by hand, anticipating and savoring. Go here: Whole Earth Catalog.

Thanks for the info, BoingBoing!

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peacesojourner said...

Thanks for this. I read a couple of the articles here. Two of my favorites, Thoreau and Elizabeth Kubler Ross.