Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gaza and Israel: how many deaths?

To see the full impact of 879 coffins, go to Israeli Palestine Coffin Counter.

Current Figures:
Isreali Flag Israel: 13
Palestinian Flag Palestine: 879


Bill Dusty said...

Well, Michaelann, first an foremost: That is how wars are won: More of the enemy dies than your folks. If we had had a "ceasefire" with Hitler because of civilian casualties, Nazi Germany would still rule over half of Europe today. Secondly, I hold any estimate made by Palestinian sources as suspect, since you must agree that it is in their vital interests to pump up civilian casualties so as to enlist worldwide sympathy.(Both the Taliban and the Iraqi army - before its defeat in 2003 - did the same thing.) It is merely a time-buyer for them, so that they can re-arm and attack again. In this endevour, the forces of Islamic militantism have been highly successful in winning liberal/progressive support - even as they themselves strap on bombs and blow up marketplaces.

I have no sympathy for the Palestinians. They have trashed every opportunity given them to live in peace with Israel. Their support for Hamas has led to this bloodshed. I predict they will continue to suffer because of their continued support of terrorist organizations. Their choice in leadership for the past seventy years has been quite poor. And they continue to pay the price for that.

Unknown said...

That's a pretty blanket statement. I happen to despise Hamas but the casualty reports can be independently verified.

No sympathy at all? How about for the children? Saying the Palestinians deserve it because they elected Hamas is like saying the U.S. deserves it because we elected Bush.