Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Big Y sees white people

Just sitting here cleaning up my email and half-watching TV when a Big Y commercial starts to play. Four women talk about how much money they save at Big Y, how convenient shopping is, etc. I just happen to notice that all four women are white.

Hmm, I think, remembering that the last time I went shopping at Big Y-- or any other supermarket or major store in Springfield, for that matter-- white people were somewhat less than 50%, I wonder what their website looks like?

So here's the story: There were photos of ten people on the Big Y website. Two of them might possibly have been Latina; the other eight were definitely white.

Among other things I could say, Big Y seems not yet to be in the 21st century.


Anonymous said...

What do you have against whites? I doubt you have ever been done wrong by a white. Would it have made you feel better if 6 of the 10had been black?

You're just one of those type of people that likes to stir the pot!!!!

Unknown said...

Gosh...I have NOTHING against white people...although being white myself, I've spent more time around OTHER white people, so it is, indeed, white people who have hurt me the most.

What I am pointing out is that the predominance of white people in Big Y's commercials and website does not represent life-- at least urban life-- as we know it.

I'm gonna guess you are white and that if the situation were reversed-- if everyone in the commercials had been Black-- you'd be saying, "Hey, what happened to all the white people??" And that's what I'm saying-- where are the Blacks and Latinos that I KNOW shop at Big Y?