Monday, January 19, 2009

Hold up! Not ALL Dr. Martin Luther King's dreams have been fulfilled

I just saw Martin Luther King III interviewed on CNN, which has been doing a day-long program called From MLK to Today. It's been an inspiring program yet I've had a nagging worry that we will be too optimistic, so willing to look ahead that we overlook what's in front of us.

Barack Obama's being elected President is indeed a tremendous accomplishment and a significant blow to the wall of racism that has divided this country. But racism won't disappear on January 21. And poverty? Not one person will be less poor the day after the inauguration.

Therefore I was just relieved to hear Martin Luther King III say in an interview that his father's dream included economic justice for all, and that his father's dream could not possibly be considered fulfilled when 37 million people in this country live in poverty and 47 million live without health insurance.

CNN has a good report of civil right veterans speaking out on just this issue. Give it a read.

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