Friday, January 16, 2009

Every gray hair a blessing

Media coverage today will give us a brief and welcome break from coverage of the upcoming inauguration to focus on the "Miracle on the Hudson." Many stories will be milked-- er, told-- about the dramatic rescue and the heroism of many involved, in particular the heroism of the plane's captain, Chesley B. Sullenberger, known as Sully.

What I haven't heard anyone mention yet is that Captain Sullenberg is old-- well, maybe not old, but no spring chicken, either. Every hair on his head-- what he has left, anyway-- is gray. Of course, he's from California and his wife is a fitness expert, so that helps. But experience pays off, yes? And you only get experience by living.

A new report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that auto crash deaths among people 70 and older are going down. (So there!) you can read about the report at Science Daily.

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