Sunday, March 2, 2008

Google to provide voicemail and phone number for San Francisco's homeless

One month before its acquisition by Google in August, 2007, GrandCentral Communications created Project CARE, a service to assist homeless people. Now Google has announced that it intends to provide free phone numbers and voice mail for every homeless person in San Francisco.

"Google launched a website where homeless shelters and agencies across the city could create new accounts. Project CARE staff also plan to visit shelters to educated staff and homeless residents about the system, according to Craig Walker, senior project manager at Google

"While we're excited to bring this technology to our local Bay Area community, our ultimate goal is to provide these invaluable services to cities and shelters across the country," Walker wrote. ChannelWeb.

Well. Can we just get rid of the federal government, acknowledge that our country is ruled by corporations, and just openly turn it over to the best one we can find? (You know I'm kidding, right? Not about already being ruled by corporations, but about giving in.)

Anyway. When can we have it in Springfield, MA?


Pace said...

I dont think the idea of getting rid of the Federal Government, or at least reducing it back to its original size, is an idea you should joke about. Helping the homeless, while important, is not the job of the Federal Government, nor should it be. All powers not granted to the Federal Government in the Constitution are reserved for the States and the People.

Unknown said... I get older, I lean more in your direction....but corporations are no substitute for a central government.