Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A traffic question

Why is it that the driver in front of you, who's going 20 miles an hour in a 35 mile an hour zone while you tap your fingers impatiently on the steering wheel, muttering, "Come on, come on!" suddenly speeds up just in time to go through a yellow light, leaving you to catch the red light?


Bill Dusty said...

My God - That happenes to me all the time, Michaelann. And I'm always left fuming: "Sure - *you* made it through! As long as *you* make it through, right?!"

Anonymous said...

Ok, also...

What about those impatient people who can't stand waiting at red lights and begin sliding into the intersection before the light even turns green (usually, as soon as they see the light turn yellow for the oncoming traffic). Ironically, I've found that usually they're so busy waiting to rush the light that they miss when the light actually turns green. And I, patiently waiting my turn in the lane next to them, get through the light first anyway.

Don't even get me started. I could write a book about all the inconsiderate (and dangerous!) driving practices I see on the road every day.