Sunday, June 1, 2008

Organic Consumers: Small farms more profitable

  • A 1,000 acre U.S. corporate farm growing genetically engineered crops nets an average of $39 an acre.
  • In contrast, a four-acre family farm nets, on average, $1,400 per acre.
  • Small organic farms are proving to be even more profitable. With oil prices on the rise, growing food without petroleum-based pesticides/fertilizers, and delivering that food to local markets will quickly prove to be the most affordable food available.

Source: New York Times

Very hopeful, informative article on the roots of Community Supported Agriculture at Rodale, which is where the photo is from, including mention of Indian Line Farm is South Egremont, MA.

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Anonymous said...

This is great news. I just wish it were easier to get a hold of locally-grown produce (without wasting fossil fuels driving around to various farm stands or farmer's markets). Certainly, my local Shaw's doesn't seem to care to support local farms. I would like to see the re-emergence of permanent, indoor farmer's markets (old-school super-markets!).