Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday the 13th

I suppose I shallowly hold a fair number of superstitions-- as a child, were the leprechauns responsible for the knots in your hair overnight?-- but Friday the 13th has never been one of them.

This Friday the 13th, however:
  • I had a fight with a person who has some authority over me
  • The mouse port on my computer died
  • I took out my own stitches from a minor operation and wound up with a rapidly growing infection on my elbow
  • And, most significantly, I had my dog at the vets in the afternoon and then, at midnight, drove him to the emergency animal hospital in Deerfield to have two litres of fluid drained from his abdomen-- all of which was just to make him comfortable one more time because on Monday, I will have to have him put to sleep.

Yesterday was a fog of sorrow and illness. Today is a grey day but I feel more like myself. My poor dog made it downstairs and lies under a bush to keep cool and doesn't feel like coming in right now. I will clean my house, water my plants, get organized a bit for the workweek ahead and do some writing. Normalcy returns except for the pain in my heart.


Mark T. Alamed said...

I'm so sorry for your impending loss, Michaelann. Hang in there.

Michaelann Bewsee said...

Thanks, Mark. This will be my last dog.