Thursday, June 26, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Every now and then I'm reminded that my blog doesn't fit easily into a niche. Most blogs that cover local events are entirely local. Blogs that deal with larger issues like the environment or crime mention local news only when it illustrates a point. But I want to do both, even knowing it may make my blog less interesting to two different groups of readers!

Momentarily, I'm at a local impasse-- lots going on in the background, lots percolating, nothing I want to write about yet.

On the global front, lots I want to share, but the news has gradually built up and I don't have time to tie them together the way I would usually. Still, they're too good not share, so I will.


1 comment:

Tommy said...

This is the only guide I use: If it interests me, I write about it.