Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is Chelan Brown unfair to the Swan family?

Who tampered with Chelan Brown's campaign for state representative website?

She certainly doesn't seem in any hurry to find out, or to share anything she knows with the rest of us.

Her website was barely up a week from last Sunday when on MassLive posters identified huge chunks of the website actually came from the websites of other candidates for state rep around the country.

Earlier this week, Rev. Talbert Swan, incumbent State Rep. Ben Swan's nephew, called upon Chelan to investigate the tampering of her website, which she has said she does not intend to do. Meanwhile, anonymous posters on MassLive who are clearly supporters of Chelan's candidacy, have accused various members of Ben Swan's family of the tampering.

I think Chelan owes it to the Swan family to investigate this alleged tampering so blame may fall on right person or persons.

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td said...

Don't hold your breath.