Monday, July 14, 2008

PVCentral launches-- a site for valley bloggers!

A couple of months ago I got an email from blogger Bill Dusty, author of The Springfield Intruder, with an interesting suggestion: what if five to eight valley bloggers got together on a central page to provide a service to Lower Pioneer Valley residents and, maybe, to make some money through advertising? Hmmm, I thought. I'm fine with both parts of that. I certainly hope my blog is already a service of sorts, and although I don't have advertising on my site, I've got nothing against money.

Of the initial group of us, I knew Bill a little already-- he describes himself as a conservative and he and I have sparred back and forth on our blogs for a while. I've known Mike Dobbs of Out of the Inkwell for some years-- he's also a reporter for the Springfield Reminder. Tommy Devine's personal blog, Tommy Devine's Online Journal, has already enthralled me with its personal tale of unearthing family secrets and finding a long-lost brother and I did feel like I knew him somewhat. Being in a blogging group with these folks would be interesting!

Since then we've added Tony Mateus of in the valley and Mark Bail of Granby01033. We hope to add a few more (and I hope some of them are women).

PVCentral officially launched on Saturday, and I've added a button that Bill Dusty designed to my site. Click on it and you'll go to our central site, where you will find our most recent posts, links to our sites and other valley resources, podcasts and a forum.

I don't know about the others, but not all of my posts will also get posted to PVCentral. PVCentral will stay local, and about half of my posts (I think) are not, but are either more personal or more global.

I'm particularly looking forward to learning new skills such as podcasts. Guess I will have to get the sound on my computer fixed (haven't had it since a tech reinstalled Windows ME) and maybe, not too long from now, upgrade my operating system.

But writing is really what its all about.
Graphic from Chuck at Flickr.


Mo said...

hey michaelann, i can't find an email address on your blog so i am using the comments section (apologies)--i am a fellow (female) area blogger and i am writing with a fellow bloggerly request; we at valley free radio are having a fundraiser on august 9 at look park and i am shamelessly begging fellow area bloggers to post about it. any interest?
Mo Ringey

Michaelann Bewsee said...

Absolutely! Send me some info and I'll help get the word out. My email is