Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For what it's worth: no free ride for Sarno

I know that many Springfield residents have been feeling downright blackmailed by Governor Patrick's proposal to extend our loan from the state from 5 to 12 years. Why? Because in order to get this extension, we also have to go along with three other, much more distasteful provisions-- creating a new position in Springfield government for a "Chief Financial Officer," increasing the mayor's salary, and extending the mayor's term from two to four years. This binding question will be on our November ballot.

One concern citizens have had is whether the four year term would extend to Mayor Sarno's current term. I am pleased to report that the four year term provision (and, probably, the salary increase) would not take affect until the first election after the question is passed.

Our local Election Office has not yet received the wording of any of the questions which will be on the ballot this fall. This is a perennial problem and it gives them very little time to print and prepare the ballot. To get an answer, I talked to the Election Division of the Secretary of State's Office. Interestingly enough, they were unable to find any info except for the mayor's term question, which makes me wonder: will these provisions really all be in one question-- in other words, take the whole package or get nothing-- or if they will be separate questions after all.

Tomorrow on my lunch break I'll call the Governor's office and see what else I can find out. Or does someone already know the answer?


Anonymous said...

Since the governor filed this as part of his legislation and needs to be acted on before July 31, 2008, can't you find a copy of the House/Senate agendas? Is that considered public information?

Michaelann Bewsee said...

You might be right, but I sure can't find it-- not on the governor's website and not on the General Court website. Finding something on the General Court site unless you have a bill number is nigh impossible.

But maybe you know something I don't-- did the gov actually file it as legislation? I missed that part. Tomorrow I'll search some more.

For anybody else who might want to look, the addresses are:

Heather B said...

I wrote about the legislation (House No. 4824) here, including its full text and link to the gov's PDF:

Scroll down to the photo of Gov. Patrick for the link.