Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don't relax just yet: take action to stop war with Iran!

Yeah, I know it seems like tensions with Iran are easing...and that it won't be a whole lot longer until Bush is out of office....but anything can still happen and we have two chances to speak out

Saturday, August 2, noon at Court Square in Springfield, MA
Emergency Call for Action

In response to the Aug. 2 Emergency Call for Action from the National Stop War On Iran Campaign, the Campaign's Western Mass. Organizing Committee has scheduled a news conference for this Saturday.

Representatives of peace & justice groups throughout the Valley will be participating in this event, including: the STCC Mobilization Against Poverty, Racism & War; Out Now, a LGBT youth group; Physicians for Social Responsibility; Arise for Social Justice; the American Friends Service Committee, and others. State Representative Benjamin Swan (D-Spfld), poet Martin Espada, and activist Vladimir Morales are also slated to speak. A public speak-out will follow the news conference.

At present, actions are set for more than 65 cities in North America during the Aug. 2-3 weekend. To view a growing list of those signing on to the Aug. 2 call, click

Please visit and support this campaign by signing the online petition to the Bush administration and Congressional leaders.

You don’t need us to tell you the antiwar movement must remain alert to the possibilities of a U.S. or Israeli airstrike against Iran …or the need for unity within the movement…or the importance of solidarity with the Iranian people. Our stand has been clear since the National Stop War on Iran Campaign began in 2006 and we hope you’ll stand with us in the days to come.

Catherine Donaghy & Nick Camerota for the Western Mass. Organizing Committee of the Stop War On Iran Campaign

Springfield, August 15th, 4:00 p.m.
Please join us in co-sponsoring and building
Hands Around the Federal Building
To Prevent War on Iran

Veterans for Peace, Wally Nelson Chapter 95, is initiating a call of conscience. We will be acting in the Spirit of Love by joining hands in an encirclement of the Federal Building in Springfield, symbol of federal actions and policy in our region. The cost in blood and treasure in current wars and in preparation of future wars is unjust and immoral. As Dr. King said in 1967, “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense (and offense) than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.”

On the 15th the message will be, “Enough of war, now is the time for peace!” In our actions and words we will embody peace. We are calling on participants to act and speak in a spirit of non-divisiveness, striving to express and appeal to the best of humanity in all of us. There will no civil disobedience and safe passage in and out of the building will be guaranteed. We will stand for peace, sing for peace, hold signs for peace, be silent for peace, walk for peace, pray for peace.

In the words of veteran Eric Wasileski, “If you are a person of conscience or part of a group who wants to take an action in a safe, friendly and determined atmosphere please consider coming and joining in. We know what will happen if we stand by and do nothing. Let us take action that is in line with our values BEFORE and at least try to stop another insane invasion.”

The Nipponzan Myohoji Peace Pagoda is planning a walk through Springfield during the afternoon, joining the demonstration at the Federal Building at 4:00. Details to come.

For many this third Friday action will fulfill their commitment to the Iraq Moratorium Campaign For more information about this campaign go to . Contact the American Friends Service Committee at 413-584-8975 or for more information. To contact Veterans for Peace and Eric Wasileski call 413-367-0320.
Co-sponsors of this event include: WM American Friends Service Committee, Northampton Committee to Stop the War in Iraq, SAGE, the WM Iraq Moratorium Coalition, the WM Coalition to Prevent War on Iran and many others.

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