Monday, July 28, 2008

Homeless man murdered in Springfield

50-year-old Stephen Donogue was murdered last night by another homeless man-- stabbed to death on the corner of Main ans Bliss Streets by Michael Forte.

My sister Liz, who worked at the Warming Place shelter before it was closed, knew both of them-- had just seen Michael last week. Stephen had been a regular at the Warming Place and had even worked there, but in today's news article he was described as living outside. I can't say he never stayed at Friends of the Homeless' Worthington St. shelter-- but he may have been yet another former Warming Place resident who couldn't make the transition If this is so, he would not be the first to pay with his life.

Two other men were stabbed in Springfield yesterday and one died, killed by a 22 year old man. Three other people were shot. bad day, bad day.

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Matt P. said...

Wow, this is so sad. Do you know if there are going to be services for Stephen?