Friday, July 11, 2008

The Friendly Police Officer and Other Tales from the Homeless Blogs

So: you're a homeless guy in Seattle and you're hungry and tired and about to act stupid in front of a police officer. Your friend, who is a street vendor for Real Change, is trying to keep you chill. What happens next? You can find out at Apesma's Lament.

Now you're a homeless guy in San Luis Obispo, CA, just trying to get the weight off your feet, sitting down, when a car with two women in it drives by for the second time. A woman gets out and asks if she can take your picture, and you say no. Then she asks again and offers money. You still say no. What happens to you and who are some of the other non-homeless people who approach you? What do they want? Check out SLO Homeless.

You're a homeless woman in deep despair, ready to jump off the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge in Vancouver, BC. The police halt traffic while they attempt to stop you. What do you think the drivers in the waiting cars are talking about? Homeless in Abbotsford, BC.

You're a homeless guy camping out in the woods and a raccoon tries to steal your bag of food. Who wins? Homeless Man Speaks.

You're homeless in beautiful Eureka CA and sleeping at the Eureka Rescue Mission. One evening, right after the nightly (and mandatory) sermon, staff announces that if you're caught sitting down in the daytime within a two block radius of the Mission, you will be kicked out of the shelter and will be denied food at St. Vinnie's Soup Kitchen. Now what? The People Project.

In Portland, OR, you're sleeping under the Burnside Bridge with 50 other people when the police come, roust you with foghorns and boots , and give you two minutes to gather up your belongings and get out. Whatever you can't take in those two minutes will be thrown in the trash. Wait a minute-- what happened to the 24 hour notice the city has said it will give homeless encampments before disbanding them? Joe Anybody Homeless Blog.
Photo by SamPac at Flickr

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