Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Timothy Curtiss not banned from Worthington St.

Got an email from Vickie Riddle at Springfield, MA's Catholic Charities yesterday, who said she ran into Bill Miller, ED at Friends of the Homeless, which runs Worthington St. shelter, who said Timothy Curtiss, the 40 year old homeless man found dead by the river on Thursday, was not banned from Worthington St. Shelter. So when he left the Springfield Rescue Mission on Wednesday night, he could have gone to Worthington St. Shelter. Why didn't he? We may never know.

The question remains, however, for both homeless men and women: W#where can you go if you are banned from Worthington St. shelter? If you're a woman, NOWHERE. If you're a man, and and sober, and IF there's room, the Springfield Rescue Mission.

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