Friday, February 22, 2008

I have a lot to say - & two snow poems

Got home a couple hours early because of the snow-- and I want to blog because I've felt the weight of words building up the last few days-- things I want to tell people, concerns and the occasional triumph I want to share-- yet I have to be honest and say I have no idea how much my blog is really read or matters. But I write anyway because it is one of the things I can do, and I am obliged to do the things I can!

But before I plunge in for the afternoon, two snow poems by me:

her mom trudges in sneakers
thru the snow
while she, five years old,
trudges beside her
wearing red dancing shoes
that look like fresh blood on linen
bought in a previous moment of hope
totally wrong for the weather
but all that's left now
is to walk on dreams
for protection.


Not for ten paces
can my mind empty itself
even in white snow

Photo by Kirk Lau


Bill Dusty said...


My philosophy is this: It's not the number of people who visit my blog that matters so much. Rather, it's *who* those visitors are that's important.

We'll never get the hits that mainstream media websites, or media-supported blogs, frequently get. They're able to promote their content in ways folks like us can't match. But I think most of the hits those places get are incidental - just visitors passing through, with no real readership loyalty. Conversely, most of the hits we tend to get are what I call "intentional hits" - visits by folks who come specifically to read our stuff.

And that's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, writing is pretty fun huh? Just so you know, your welcome to post any of your poems on my website. I would be glad to put poems from a casual writer as yourself on my site. Peace

Michaelann Bewsee said...

Thanks, Bill. I know what you're saying is true. Maybe I had the snowy day blues!