Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I get homeless numbers wrong et cetera

By adding the same number twice, I gave an over-optimistic picture of the success of Housing First in Springfield MA so far.

I said 37 fewer people homeless this year than last, but it is actually 24 people-- TWO people less than in 2006!
  • 2006: 237
  • 2007: 259
  • 2008: 235
Question for the city: how many homeless people have been placed into Housing First units since the program began?

On another note, I should have made it clear in the post about banning plastic bags that I'm not talking about green garbage bags, but the flimsy, usually beige bags handed out at the supermarket, drugstore, etc. A couple of people commented that those bags are among the most re-used. Sorry, folks-- YOU may re-use them, but most people don't.

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