Saturday, February 23, 2008

Holyoke Public Hearing: come help fight the proposed trash transfer plant

This Tuesday, February 26, at 6:30, opponents of a proposed garbage transfer station in South Holyoke, MA will be turning out at Holyoke City Hall. They're pushing for a one year moratorium of any new waste processing or trash transfer plants in the city.

Holyoke has built an impressive coalition of environmental activists in the last year, "Holyoke Organized for the Environment." Member of the coalition mostly don't come from the "traditional" movement, but instead come out of struggles that fight against poverty and racism, and for community self-sufficiency, economic development and political empowerment.

A Valley Advocate article by Maureen Turner gives a good overview of the struggle.

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Anonymous said...

Why are people attacking the new transfer station? What are we going to do with our trash when the local landfills close? Holyoke is already the largest recycler in the Valley by weight, far better than NoHo, or Amherst, and we have a smaller population at that. Why aren't you EcoNuts protesting those towns for their lack commitment to our environment?