Friday, February 20, 2009

Old Dog New Tricks

My last post asked folks to guess what the lovely photo I displayed was-- and half an hour later, Matt P. did exactly that! I thought he also must have seen and been fascinated by the picture. I asked him how he guessed, and he told me he'd moused over the photo, gotten the name, then typed it into Google Image Search!

Well, duh! I guess I'd just never noticed you could do that... and how many years have I been using a computer? So if I ever want to do this kind of puzzle again, I must remember to rename the photo before putting it up.

While we're on the subject of photos, how is it that Stumble Upon has come to learn that a stunning or unusual photo is likely to win my approval? Maybe that one's not too hard to answer, but what are the algorithms for deciding why I've faved a vivid, well-designed website on weather? The design or the subject? Content or form?

Photo of Katie from SRivera's photostream at Flickr's Creative Commons.

PS: I love finding the right photo for a post-- sometimes takes me longer than the actual writing-- and I try to give accurate credit. Why doesn't this seem important to many other bloggers?

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