Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coincidence? I think NOT!

What are the chances of reading the words "perfect storm" on the screen at the exact moment the words are spoken on television? Just happened to me. How does one calculate the odds on this?

My favorite and most mind-blowing coincidence, though, came about twenty years ago when my friend Patti and I were making collages in her living room. The television was on in the background.

I had hundreds-- maybe thousands-- of pictures I'd cut out from a variety of sources over many years, including a stack of old Life magazines I'd found in a farmhouse in Maine.

One of the pictures I remembered had come from Life was of actress Joanne Dru in a checkered dress pointing a revolver at someone. I held it up for Patti to see. At that moment, I glanced at the TV and there was Joanne Dru, in the same dress holding the same gun in the same pose as in my photo! The movie was She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, with John Wayne.

That particular scene must have become a stock photo, because when I typed "Joanne Dru" into Google images just now, up popped the very same image.

So here she is, for your perusal.

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