Thursday, February 5, 2009

The dreaded Nos calls out the cops

Poor Josh..... Seems like being a Puerto Rican young man and walking the streets of Springfield, MA at 2 a.m. is automatically a suspicious act. I wrote about how he and my nephew went on a wild ride with the Springfield police last October. Well, last night he was walking to meet up with my nephew, who was just getting out of work from Taco Bell, when he was stopped by a cruiser. The officer had him lean against the cruiser while he patted Josh down.

"What's in your backpack?" the officer asked.

"Four cans of Nos," Josh answered.

Well, the officer didn't know what that was and called for backup! Three cruisers turned up. They checked his backpack and of course what they found was for cans of the energy drink Nos.

"Sorry," the officer said, "you can go."

So Josh went home.

Must be one of those "quality of life" issues.

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