Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where I've been

If there's one thing most bloggers know, it's that when you stop posting-- and I've posted less than half of the days this last month-- people stop reading. So when you start posting again, getting readers back takes time. That may be just as well for the moment.

Patterns do seem to replicate themselves, whether with friends, family, pets, passions, work or writing. When I'm not doing well taking care of myself, I can only cover the basics for everything else. The last few months I've been all over the place and only now feeling like I'm coming back to my center, though much of the landscape has changed.

I'm sure I'm seeming deliberately obscure. This blog is not my journal. My journal is a relationship to myself; my blog is a relationship to others. So I hope to renew that relationship through our mutual presence on this page.

Almost the solstice-- my birthday-- the darkest night and then the day lengthens.


John C said...

It might surprise you how many people also wait patiently until you blog.

Glad to see you 'out and about', lady. These things happen. For whatever reason, it's really good to see another post.

Best, warmth, and happiness to you this season.

Michaelann Bewsee said...

Thanks, John.

MoonRaven said...

And some of us never noticed you weren't posting b/c we were overwhelmed with our own events.

I plan to keep 'following' your blog, no matter how often you post--as the previous commenter, John C, pointed out 'many people' are willing to 'wait patiently until you blog'.