Thursday, December 18, 2008

What being homeless means

This is from the Love Wins Always blog. You can read the rest here:

Being Homeless

Being homeless means wearing clothes you did not pick out.

Being homeless means eating what they give you.

Being homeless means having to hear a sermon before you can eat.

Being homeless means being asked for your ID by the police for being in the park.

Being homeless means hiding everything you own so no one will throw them away.

Being homeless means spending most of your day with addicts and the mentally ill, even if you yourself are not.

Being homeless means people are surprised you have an opinion on the presidential election.

Being homeless means walking several miles to eat.

Being homeless means you hope the crazy street preachers show up because it is Saturday and the soup kitchens are closed.


Nancy said...

Thanks Michaelann. I had to laugh at the "sermon before you eat" line. Shades of Bliss Street Mission who will always have a special place in my heart. Also, the being asked for ID in the park. No warrants makes some cops (not all) angry as they can't get rid of you!!! Then the miracle of sobriety where one can email from a job as I am now some years later. (don't tell anyone here :0) Have a wonderful holiday for you and the family. mini

sicntired said...

I live in British Columbia,where the government calls it the best place on earth.Welfare rates are just over $550 a month and the average sro,if you can find one is 380.We have over 2000 homeless and probably a lot more.The government has made welfare almost impossible to get for all but the most persistent people.Those with mental health issues don't do so well.We have a shortage of low income housing and,as of right now,it isn't getting better.I thank the power that be for the economic downturn because it has stopped the destruction of reasonable rental units by greedy developers who were tearing down low rent apartment buildings by the bushel.It's not a healthy way to think but I have to worry about keeping a roof over my head and I am in a very old building that's in poor repair.I was sure I was going to join the ranks of the homeless soon as once you lose a building,nothing replaces it.Best of luck to you and I hope 2009 brings better things.

Michaelann Bewsee said...

Ditto on almost everything here. Welfare is probably a bit easier to get, but it's not enough to live on. We have thousands of members of homeless families living in shelters and motels and i don't see an end to it.

But it IS a new year. I know the economy's not going to improve anytime soon, but I'd be happy if we (the poor people) could see through more of the lie and figure out a way to help each other.