Saturday, December 27, 2008

No animals allowed in homeless shelters

When Springfield's Sanctuary City was active, a few of the homeless people who tented there had pets. Only one person actually brought a pet into homelessness-- a woman whose white rat rode her shoulder. Everyone else found their pets, who were as homeless as they were. Steven had a kitten he discovered in an abandoned building which he tucked under his coat in the daytime and cuddled with at night. He still had his kitten when he found a place to stay.

Over at, Shannon Moriarty has a post about homeless people and their pets. Pets can be lifesavers for homeless people-- a live being who cares about you and needs you can keep you from giving way to despair-- but can also threaten their lives because pets are not allowed into homeless shelters. And it goes without saying that the life of a homeless animal is not easy, either.

Only two homeless shelters in the U.S. allow pets. Read more about it at


kebelle said...

this post touches me so deeply... because in the Philippines there thousands of people who are homeless as thousands if not millions of animals are also homeless.

Michaelann Bewsee said...

Thanks. Hope you are well and that we all find more4 reason to be hopeful this year.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

This is so sad! What a great photograph depicting the suffering he is enduring. More people should see this photo.