Monday, April 21, 2008

Who is David Jessie?

Who is David Jessie and why is the Memorial Bridge his home?

Mr. Jessie was injured by an Amtrak train on Sunday and taken to the hospital with "non-life threatening" injuries to his arm. Springfield, MA police listed his address as the Memorial Bridge.

Did he not like the praying at Springfield Rescue Mission? Or was he unable to comply with the No Drinking rule?
Is he banned at Worthington St. Shelter? Or not able to handle the noise, lack of privacy and so he chose to sleep out?

What I do know is that six months from now, the weather will be chilly and rainy and the promised new shelter with expanded capacity at Worthington St. still will not be built! The ground remains unbroken. People will still be sleeping out in dangerous situations.

If anyone knows Mr. Jessie, or if Mr. Jessie gets to read this himself, I would like to know more.


Jes-c said...

I met Jessie a couple nights ago. Shoot me an email and I'll tell you what I can.

Anonymous said...

i met dave jesse in a rehab in brockton he lost 3 fingers on his right hand and is now blind he told us his whole story steming back to veitnam as of now he is a resident of the DOC he is an awsome guy regardless of all the bad things he has done my email is i can tell what you want to know