Sunday, April 13, 2008

Old habits die hard

I hate shopping and avoid it as much as possible, but yesterday was one of those days when I had to be out and about.

I went through Burger King's drive-though to get a cup of coffee and that cup of coffee, in styrfoam and with a plastic lid, was handed to me in a paper bag! I folded the bag and handed it back. (When I've handed bags back in the past in grocery and convenience stores, I've often seen the clerk try to throw the bag away! That means I have to take the time to say, 'Don't throw that away! Save it for the next customer!" On my end: I should buy a decent reusable coffee cup and bring it with me when I go out.

Then I stopped at Stop and Shop for milk, cantalope and flowers and decided it was a good time to buy a couple of their cheap and sturdy recycle bags. As I fumbled for my wallet, I saw that the bagboy was packing everything-- recycled bags included!-- into a plastic bag. On my end: if I'd brought one of my bags from home, which, so far, I only remember to do 50% of the time, the bagboy's choice would have been unnecessary.

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