Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Overheard at the office

Well, I needed a laugh by the time I got home from work so I went to my Humor folder to check out what was happening at Overheard At the Office. Lo and behold, they're doing a "readers favorites." Now that I've stopped laughing, I can post one that was a favorite of mine when I first read it. Check it out!

3PM Just Take It! What's He Going to Do, Tell You You're Shoplifting?

Customer: I'm looking for one of those things where I can plug it into my TV's video and plug like four video game systems into it and push a button to switch between them.
Employee: Yeah, I don't think we sell those.
Customer, picking up item: I'm looking for this.
Employee: Oh, we don't sell those.
Customer: You... don't... sell these?
Employee: No.
Customer: You're sure?
Employee: Yeah, we definitely don't sell those.
Customer: You don't sell these? This thing that I picked up off your rack with a price tag on it?
Employee: No. Circuit City might carry them, though.

Best Buy
Astoria, New York

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