Thursday, April 3, 2008

My new campaign

My sister was admitted to Baystate Medical last night through the emergency room (always a zoo).
I left her at 2 am. when I knew she would be admitted and started calling at 7 am. this morning to try to find out how she is. The hospital nearly gave me a heart attack twice when they transfered me to Cardiac ICU and they couldn't find her; we went around several times before I finally got to the right place. She's OK for now; tests to come.

Meanwhile, while I am on hold for many minutes, I am subjected to a string quartet of extremely staccato nature played very quickly. I should recognize the piece but can't. It might be good housework music, but certainly nothing that should be played to anxious relatives.

Once I had to have an MRI and the technician asked what kind of music I wanted in my headphones. I told her classical-- and suddenly Bach's Concerto in D Minor (I think) thundered through my ears. It's the kind of piece you use as music in productions like Phantom of the Opera. DUM da da da DUM DUM. "Stop!" I shouted.

So somebody who knows that they're doing at Bay State needs to change their music.

I think what I am experiencing is displacement of anxiety.

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