Sunday, May 11, 2008

Seven homeless arrested at Portland OR protest

"You may be giving up, buddy, but I'm not." that's what homeless leader Larry Reynolds told Portland Mayor Potter, after the mayor refused to lift the ban on camping and pointed instead to the city' ten year plan to end homelessness. If that's not good enough, the mayor had said, I'm giving up.

Ten year plans don't mean much when you are homeless NOW.

Reynolds and others had set up a tent city protest on the sidewalk near city hall. The protesters were arrested for resisting arrest. Check out the post by Amy Ruiz at Blogtown.pdx as well as the more mainstream story and background at Portland Mercury.
Photo from Amy Ruiz' blog.

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michael said...

It seems that more and more cities are pointing to their "10 Year Plan" to end homelessness as the cure all.

Unfortunately, these 10 year plans are targeted ONLY at one particular segment of America's homeless: those who fit the federal definition of someone who is "chronically homeless" - which means that nearly 80 percent of the nation's homeless WILL NOT qualify for assistance through these programs.

P.S. - Happy Mother's Day Michealann