Monday, May 26, 2008

Do you care about Springfield's environment? We have an opening...

So Springfield's Finance Control Board is hiring MassInc. and Dartmouth's Urban Issues Initiative to do a $125,000 study to develop an economic growth strategy for Springfield MA.

This is the perfect time to integrate green jobs and sustainable environmental systems into our economic development plan.

I just left MassInc's website and I must say the site is filled with the kind of generalities that leave you asking just what it is they actually do. But I won't hold that against them at this point. Of more concern is that I saw no references to the environment in any of their listed publications, research papers, programs, projects or upcoming events.

According to Peter Goonan at the Republican, John Schneider, the Executive VP of MassInc, told the Control Board that after the study is completed, a second phase of the study would involve engaging stake-holders in the community in drafting and completing the long-range economic growth strategy plan,

No, thanks, Been there, done that. (Or should I say, Wasn't there, didn't get to do that!) ! know that "second stage' stuff all too well. If Springfield's residents want to see green values and jobs as a core part of economic development, and not just as an add-on, we'd better start letting the Control Board, the mayor and MassInc. know that as soon as possible.

PS-- Didn't mention Dartmouth's Urban Issues Initiative much, because apparently the Institute is less than a year old and I couldn't find much info.

PPS-- I think I'm going to start sharing some of truly practical and creative ideas I'm finding for generating energy, repairing infrastructure, growing food, creating jobs and building community-- all of which preserve and improve our environment.

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