Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sign this petition in support of homeless campers

Real Change newspaper in Seattle, WA is asking for a show of support for homeless campers. At least 2,000 people a night are "sleeping rough" in King County. They need help in getting housing and services. Instead, the police break up encampments and destroy people's personal belongings.
Extensive protocols for responsible campsite outreach and clearance exist. They include on-going human services outreach to homeless campers, assistance in accessing emergency services, and provision of long-term housing. The City of Seattle has done none of these things.

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michael said...

The homeless in my neck of the woods get the same treatment. However, that is changing since the 9th District Court ruled in August 2006, that citing, ticketing and/or arresting the homeless for sleeping out of doors - especially when there are not enough shelter beds available to house an areas local homeless - a person's constitutional right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment.

The city of Los Angeles has been prohibited from enforcing their own city ordinances that allow them to ticket the homeless