Tuesday, November 13, 2007

FOURTH homeless man in a week found dead

On Saturday, another homeless man was found dead, this time in Northampton, MA. Craig Carpenter, 42 years old, was found near the Super Stop and Shop. Police said he appeared to have died of exposure after having fallen asleep while intoxicated.

I know the City of Springfield wants to "share the responsibility" of homelessness with surrounding communities. Perhaps the deaths of four Massachusetts men in one week-- one in Springfield, one in Northampton, one in Westfield and one in Waterford, CT-- is a sign the city is succeeding?


marion hohn said...

The Springfield homeless man who was found dead in the Connecticut river was identified on masslive today:


Body found in river identified

SPRINGFIELD - A man whose body was recovered from the Connecticut River near the Memorial Bridge on Nov. 6 has been identified as Juan A. Bonille, 73, police said.

His death is not suspicious, police said.

His belongings were found by the river. Police believe he was homeless.

P. Mastrangelo said...

Hello, I found your blog via a link on the Mass Live Northampton Forums. I am glad to have a blog that focuses on issues locally that I am concerned about.

Yesterday, I went to the places in town where those with no homes
sleep. I wanted to see if anyone would speak about Craig S Carpenters' life, on camera. But I write because while I was there, I happened upon a fellow who I thought might be an outreach
worker. His name is Michael. He is middle aged. He had neat clothes
on. He is not on drugs or alcohol. He works at Big Y.
He just lost his apartment.

Video with Michael here:

Michaelann Bewsee said...

Below comment from anon...somehow not going thru. MB

If in his last 24 hrs he spoke more to those around him, gave away some belongings, and shaved his head ala Buddhist monks, it might indicate he knew he was listenning to his last sounds.
M/A...we've met. I used to be in the Rainville. Now under the odious rule of Peter the Terrible.

The service plugins here are the only thing keeping me from going to Worth/Taylor in Spfld.