Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Homeless man Ct. hit and run victim; remembering Westfield death

According to The Day, a homeless man who was killed in a hit and run by a white sports utility vehicle in Waterford, CT was originally from Massachusetts.

Frederick Finn, 43, was probably living behind an old drive-in when we has killed on Boston Post Road.

My sister Liz called me this morning to say she remembers Minh Khuu, the 45 year old man who was struck and killed by a train, as a former resident of the Warming Place Shelter, now closed. She says he was not alcoholic, not an addict, just homeless.

Minh Khuu was wearing earplugs when he was killed, probably why he didn't hear the train coming. Liz says he often wore earplugs at the Warming Place, because the noise of the shelter made it hard for him to sleep. He probably forgot to take them out of his ears on the day he was killed.

The homeless man who was found dead in the Connecticut River last week has been identified as Juan Bonille, 73 years old.

Meanwhile, Masslive posters yesterday were talking about how "dangerous" homeless people are.

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