Monday, November 12, 2007

Remembering Homeless (and all) Veterans

My dad was a WWII and Korean veteran, serving in the Navy and the Coast Guard. On my dining room wall I've hung the original certificate from the U.S. Navy, stating that he had crossed the Arctic Circle on July 1, 1944 while serving aboard the U.S.S. Tampa. I suppose on most days I don't even notice it anymore, but today we honor veterans and I see that certificate again with new eyes.

The New York Times is reporting seeing the first trickle of homeless vets from the Iraq wars. The Boston Globe has an article with a Massachusetts focus on vets' struggles. The AP reports on Bush's politicking around getting a spending bill passed that would increase veterans' services.

In Boston yesterday, the Globe reports that eighteen veterans were arrested at the Annual Veteran's Day parade, protesting that their anti-war message had been excluded from the parade.

Check out probably the best blog on the web about veterans and homelessness, OldTimer Speaks. Photo is from that site.

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Jim said...

Thank you for your kind words and for your heart for the homeless and the needy and for speaking out. Also thank you for adding me to your blogroll.

It is refreshing to see your work here. The homeless need to be individually remembered as real people, not just statistics, and we need to have compassion for the needy as I can see that you do.

Living in the south, I missed the Globe article, having been temporarily distracted from scanning the national news.

The owl picture brings back some memories. I've lived all my life in places that are heavily wooded and owls are always around. Some time ago we lived in a house with a second floor deck with sliding glass doors to our family room.

Every year without fail, mama owl would show up on our railing with her new brood, let us look at each other through the glass, then take them away for more owlish training.

At night, if I went into the side yard, she would sometimes brush my hair, but never struck me. It was exciting.

Grace and Peace,