Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What will YOU do to stop the next war?

I was at an Arise meeting tonight and of course winning ward representation was the main item on the agenda-- two weeks till the election! We had precinct maps for flyering and sign-up sheets for poll locations ready. Wish we had more resources but we're not doing too badly.

Tonight folks staggered their arrival over half an hour (usually hate this) but Kristie, at whose house we were meeting, had prepared a feast and we'd all brought food so we had some time to talk.

Didn't take long before we all remarked on how bad things in this country are getting so quickly-- California burning, the South drying up, and here in New England we have 75 degree weather near the end of October.

Tory came in near last and sat down and said, "I've just been so worried about this world all day."

"I know, we were just talking about it," I said. 'Fires, drought--"

"No, I meant Cheney, and what he said about Iran."

So we went from there.
-- Is it just too insane to believe Bush might declare war against Iran?
-- Is it possible people will fall for the same thing twice, or have we smartened up from Iraq?
-- Do everyday people get the connections between the war and lack of funding for fuel assistance and health care?

Can we stop it?
-- Seems like the national anti-war groups aren't capable of leading.
-- Sick of marches and speeches.
-- Ellen says new groups are emerging.
-- Democrats aren't using the power they have-- legalized wiretapping-- would they vote for war again?
-- Are small groups like ours talking about what can be done even as we speak?
-- Would everyday people finally say, Enough! and be willing to do something about it?
-- What can be done?
-- Can there be No Business as Usual to stop this war?
-- What will YOU do to stop the next war before it begins?

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Bill Dusty said...

Hey, Michaelann,

Why do liberals go through their lives so worried and upset about everything? Oooo, forest fires in California. Like that never happened before. And drought? Have we all forgotten about the Dust Bowl of the 1930s?

Relax. Nature happens!

I'm just happy to take in another few rounds of golf this year ;-) And I sure don't mind saving on the oil bill.

Enjoy the great weather while it lasts, will ya! Wahoo!