Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blue Heron on Pasco Road

I was driving down Pasco Road about an hour before sunset last week and happened to glance down a little dirt road toward Loon Pond. There, silhouetted by the setting sun, stood an immensely tall Blue Heron. I had two seconds to savor the sight before the flow of traffic carried me away.

Always rushing, today I was driving down the same road and wondered-- could I possibly see the heron again? And there it was! Life is too short, I thought, and I pulled my car over and walked back to the pond. I moved slowly and got within twenty feet of the heron before the bird leisurely.took flight. Huge wings!

Yellow leaves blown into the water gradually gathered on one shore. Mallards cruised in pairs on the nearly still waters. Tiny bugs made tiny ripples.

Surrounded on two sides by two of Springfield's most heavily travelled roads, Loon Pond seems to flourish.

Painting by Jack Schroeder Art.

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