Monday, October 1, 2007

Gov signs bill - Vote Yes on Question One!

I was down at City Council tonight when former City Councilor and now State Rep. Angelo Puppolo called Councilor Jose Tosado to say the Governor had signed the ward representation that very evening.

Now we can say, Vote YES on Question One on November 6!

We're having a press conference tomorrow at noon on the steps of Springfield City Hall. Jose said he couldn't make it but to remember that HE was the one who pushed for ward representation through City Council. I said I wouldn't forget, that if the Governor hadn't signed the bill, we'd be cursing our elected officials out, but now we will thank them.

This probably won't be absolutely the last time I say this, but five councilors at large and eight by ward in NOT the stronger form of ward representation that so many of us wanted, and that out federal lawsuit was designed to remedy.

But, for now, it's the best we're going to get. I keep looking for the right analogies, and maybe because I've been having car trouble, I thought of this one: you need another car to get to work and you've got $3,000 you can spend. You're determined to get at least a 2000 model, but when you get out looking, with cash in hand, the best you can find on any carlot for your money is a 1996. Are you going to say, The hell with it, I just won't buy? Or are you going to take the best you can and save even more capital for another day?

Now our hard work continues. Basically, one month till election. Here we go.

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Karen Powell said...

Although we don't agree on many issues, I admire you for not giving up when you believe in something.

I have always believed in ballot initiatives, and still do, whether I support an issue or not.

Karen Powell