Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Whale vs Boar

My car was down yesterday and so I worked at home, which made my cats happy. I had CNN on in the background, trying to catch up on the news.

About once an hour, we'd be given a report on the progress of the mother and baby whale trying to make their way under the Golden Gate bridge and back to the ocean, and whenever that segment aired, the news anchors would express admiration for the whales and concern for their well-being.

Some time during the morning, another segment entered the story rotation-- that of a thousand pound boar who was killed by an eleven year old hunter in Alabama. Each time it aired, the anchors expressed admiration for the killer and treated the whole story as humorous.

What a remarkable creature that boar must have been!-- how intelligent and crafty, to survive so long and grow so big! But his death was treated as a joke. I grew sadder and more furious throughout the day.

Meanwhile, given in about as much time as the boar and whale segments, we learned that another 10 military personnel were killed in Iraq, bringing the total for the month to 118 and for the war to 3,504.

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