Monday, May 21, 2007

Taylor St. Shelter Closes in Ten Days

For the second year in a row, Springfield Rescue Mission has run a winter shelter for sober men on Taylor St., but as of June 1, 36 men will be out on the street. The city's eviction of the Open Pantry's Warming Place is still set for June 30. The new "one-stop" shelter planned by the Friends of the Homeless has yet to break ground.

Other than the homeless and service providers themselves, I doubt there are two dozen people in Springfield who understand what's going on and who give a damn.


foodforlife said...

Michaelann, thanks for writing. It keeps me informed of what's going on down there.
I still think you (or someone besides you) should tell the press about your blog; someone might catch it and give it attention.

Anonymous said...

Of all the things that Springfield cannot handle, I believe homelessness is one that they can. Friends of the Hoeless was a ood begining and I believe another project like that should be done again. That is probaboly the best answer that cabn think of. I wonder how if something like than can be done. Umm who knows.

Bill Dusty said...

I don't have much sympathy or respect for the vagrant population, I'm afraid.

MB, If you go to there is a link to click on and request they add your blog to the "Cool WMass Blogs" list. (They appear to list anyone who requests it.)