Sunday, May 20, 2007

Some Homeless News

ARRESTED FOR SMOKING? Berkeley CA's Mayor Tom Bates is behind a recently-passed ordinance to make it illegal to smoke a cigarette on city streets. He thinks it will help drive away the homeless from the downtown area. Thanks to TalkLeft.

CHURCH SAYS GOODBYE TO TENT CITY: The Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation's turn to host Quixote City has come to an end and Rev. Arthur Vaeni reflects on the blessings and difficulties of the experience. The Olympian Online.

Fresno mayor Alan Autry announced on April 17 that the City of Fresno, in a joint project with the County, will set up a homeless center in the downtown area. The center will provide this communities large homeless population (estimated at over 8,000) with a place to put up a tent, there will be portable toilets, trash bins, and a facility (probably a trailer) where homeless people can get information about social services like job training, employment, etc. Humanity for Homeless.
A guy was beat up outside of Franklin Circle and wound up in the hospital. His attackers targeted him because he was homeless and an "easy" target. Then a couple were attacked when they were sleeping off the beaten path near the Flats. The group that attacked the couple first wanted to buy the couple's dog, when the couple refused they came back and beat up the man and stole the dog. The homeless man sleeping in the Flats broke his collar bone. The worst part of this is that the police were called three times and never came. Then the group came back the next night with a larger crew and again attacked the homeless couple. Coalition for the Homeless.

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