Friday, May 25, 2007

Better Get A Tent - Part Two

Last night I finished the flyer about the city's "plans" (or lack thereof) for people who become homeless after June 30, and another Arise member will bring it to the Warming Place and Taylor St. Shelter this weekend. I suppose homeless folks at Friends of the Homeless shelter should know, too, because even though they are less at risk of being displaced, they will have to suffer the sardine effect effect of having another 50 people-- in the basement, in the kitchen, etc. If it were really necessary, I'd be applauding Friends of the Homeless' effort to shelter as many as possible. But it's NOT necessary. F.O. H. is the city's little pet, and they are conspiring together to force the closing of the Warming Place.

I don't really know yet what Arise's role will be if homeless people need to set up an encampment. We'll be talking about it at our next board meeting. But I know for sure that if I were homeless right now, and had any money at all, I WOULD BUY A TENT!

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