Wednesday, June 24, 2009

OK, another nice thing....

After I wrote about the rabbit, I went out back of the Arise office and noticed that one of the little ground-level apartments had a 3 by 5 elevated garden spot that had several iris plants surrounded by lots of weeds. I hollered hello through the back screen door, and a man answered.

"Would you like a tomato plant for your little plot?" I asked. "We're giving them away."

"Too late in the season," he said.

"No, we've got them in buckets, pretty big plants, you could leave it right in its container."

"OK," he said, so we went in the office and got one out of the window.

When I went out back a few minutes later, he'd cut down weeds growing in the back lot and was raking up trash.

"The plant looks pretty good, huh?" he said.

I agreed.

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