Friday, June 26, 2009

Greenfield biomass hearing gets wild

Well, Springfield, we've got to catch up. Greenfield has some passionate environmentalists, but last night when the Greenfield Zoning Board didn't even want to hear from a resident who lives right across the street from the proposed plant, and has the police remove her, you know something's rotten.

Mary Serreze has photos and an astounding audio
file over on her blog. Give it a listen.

Photo from Noe's photostream at Flickr.

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Mary Serreze said...

Thanks for the link, Michaelann. Will be covering the Western Mass biomass issue as it unfolds. Check out the upcoming edition of the Valley Advocate, where I start to look at the regional and cumulative implications of the 4 proposed plants—Springfield, Greenfield, Russell, and Pittsfield. It's funny, the Boston Globe has given more ink to this issue than any of our dailies. (The Recorder, to their credit, is following the Greenfield proposal.)