Friday, June 26, 2009

At Arise: weeds or wildflowers?

Here we are, in the middle of the city. Are we weeds or wildflowers?

Back of Arise

Tomato plant among the iris

Pink Thumb


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MoonRaven said...

Beautiful pictures.

And I think you (the folks at Arise) are both.

Wildflowers for your untamed beauty.

And weeds... Well, here's what Toby Hemenway (Gaia's Garden) says about weeds: "Pioneer plants fill the vegetal vacuum and restart the cycles of life. We know most of this fast-colonizing horde as weeds... Abandoned fields and fresh earth are their milieu and they have a job to do: sheltering the bare soil from erosive rains, and ferrying nutrients from deep in the soil to the surface where they can be used. These fast-growing, short-lived pioneers preserve and restore the fertility of disturbed ground." Many weeds (pigweed, lamb's quarters, chicory, dandelion...) are incredibly nutritious. Face it, you folks are pioneers that shelter and restore many people's lives and create a richer society. And like weeds, there are folks that just want to stamp you out.

Keep doing the good work that you do, even when you are not appreciated.