Sunday, November 30, 2008

Update on killers of Wilford Hamilton, homeless man

In October I wrote about the arrest of two 14 year old boys for the beating murder of Wilford "Frenchie" Hamilton, age 61, in Pontiac, Michigan. When I wrote this post, I was unaware that one of the boys, Thomas McCloud Jr., is also being charged in the beating death of 65 year old Lee Hoffman Jr. this past August. Mr. Hoffman, who was beaten the day after Mr. Hamilton, spent two months comatose in a nursing home before dying on the day the boys were charged with Mr. Hamilton's death.

The Detroit News has an article about the complicated lives of the two 14 year olds. There will be no easy answers to the riddle of why they killed, and no easy solutions to lend themselves to prevention.

Photos of Thomas "TJ" McCloud Jr. and Dontez "Taz" Marc Tillman by Daniel Mears / The Detroit News

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