Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Homeless man found dead in Northampton

Yesterday morning I checked the news and found an article by Fred Contrada at the Republican about a homeless man found dead in Northampton. His name was John Paul Kozlowski and apparently he'd been sleeping out in the Meadows,.

I asked my sister, a former staffer at the Warming Place, if she knew him.

"I thought he'd gone to Alaska!" she exclaimed.

I hope to find out more about Mr. Kozlowski in the coming days. If anyone knows more, please respond.

Meanwhile I continue to wonder where the area's homeless people will be spending their days this winter.


VanDog said...

I asked my NoHo friend about this a few days ago, and he said he hadn't heard of it, and thought it must of happened in Holyoke and I got confused. I insisted further that it did happen in NoHo, and he got quite annoyed that I would pin a Holyoke incident in his perfect little town.

"You people aren't taking care of your (Holyoke) problems, and they are coming up here, ruining our (NoHo) town."

Caty said...

What a typical myopic Northamptonite remark--I say, being a Northamptonite, and having to deal with these bourgois idiots every day.
It ain't Paradise City.
In Contrada's article, he mentions the "hundreds of ghosts" popping up when he typed "Northampton" "death" "exposure" in the search engine...