Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Massachusetts makes the right choices

For once, the value of organizing is clear: Massachusetts has rejected Question One, eliminating the state income tax, and approved Questions Two and Three, decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana and banning dog racing. I can't remember if there's ever been a time before in any election when everything went the way I believed it should go.

I am particularly glad for the people whose lives can no longer be ruined by a criminal record for simple possession of marijuana.

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Caty said...

YES! Now I don't feel quite as bad for bugging everyone about it on Facebook and all other online venues. I loved the people with their dogs outside saying YES to Question 3. + what lunatic thought of question 1 in the first place? And Question 2, of course, yay.

The only interesting argument I heard is from the sex toy shop owner of "Oh, My" in Hamp, who mentioned that we'll have to be very vigilant about underground/organized crime dog racing now.