Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Texas school suspends 5 yr old for religious beliefs

The Texas ACLU is suing the Needville Independent School District for refusing to allow a five year old Native American boy openly wear his hair in braids, insisting he hide them in his shirt.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, charges that NISD�s actions violate Betenbaugh's and Arocha's rights to raise Adriel according to their family's religion, heritage and identity, as well as Adriel's constitutional and statutory rights to free exercise of religion and free expression. Courts have held that the First and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution protect students� rights to dress in conformation with their religious beliefs. Texas' Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) provides additional protections.

�"he Constitution protects the right of all people in this country to express their religious beliefs as they see fit," said Daniel Mach, Director of Litigation for the ACLU Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief. "The same law protects Catholic students who wear a rosary, Christian students who wear a cross, or Jewish students who wear a Star of David. Yet the school board has ignored this basic principle by punishing this young child's expression of his faith and heritage."

You can read more at the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas.

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Anonymous said...

These people within the schools who are forcing our cildren to conform to their beleifs and wht they think to be appropriate are RACIST, PERIOD! It is the communist school boards that are ripping our childrens education right out of their hands by hiding the truth of uor history, stating our forefathers were terrorists for writing the constitution, teaching them that communism is a good thing and taking away our children's FREEDOM of EXPRESSION and their individuallity is a good enough reason for people to tkae their children out of these schools across the US and hoe schooling them and putting every teacher and scholl board where they belong....OUT oF BUSINESS!! They forget we write their pay cheque, we keep them employed, we allow them to have financial security...WE...WE...WE!! So show them WHO IS BOSS...WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE....especially THE TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE who the US GOVN"T tried to destroy by taking their land, their freedom, their rights, their children (many of which were raped, beaten and murdered within some Anglican and Catholic churches in whcih they force these native hildren to attend, these sick people are not only within churches but the luciferian vatican! I am a caucasian and I'm sick and tired of native people being picked on, and I will fight for the true natives of thsi country at every opportunity! Currently the vatican popes (2-rat face and jp disgust), have been charged with crimes against humanity and Genocide, as well as Anglican and catholic churches and shcools, the sick queen who stold 10 native cfhildren in 1964 for her and phillip to abuse and were never seen or heard from again, 2 RCMP officers and stephen harper (prime minister of Canada, for abusing, torturing, raping and MURDERING or allowing it! These sick people have been evading their warrant for arrest like the cowards they are, but when they are taken down, it will be sweet, for they have been sentenced to 25yrs. WITHOUT parole....hahahahaha, pay back is soooooooo sweet! So, you see these people that society has been brainwshed into thinking are hero`s or even civilized authoritarians are TRUE EVIL, and that is what our govn`t are, their schools, their modern poisonous medicine, their big corporations, the bankster gangster, their federal reserve, their UN, their EUN, their DHS, FDA, CDC, and so on...all under luciferian rule, and that is no conspiracy, people need to understand that this world is ull of EVIL, and this little boy with the braids was harrassed by the very same EVIL! These people are not only evil, theya re morons and pathetic and weak piecs of satan`s feces! Oh and by the way this littel boyis adorable and what makes him even more adorable, his braids, they express the best possible expression.....INDIVIDUALITY...little boy, never stop being YOU, and more over, never let anyone EVER change who You are, not even those who THINK they are in control, becasue they are surely mentally unstable people, take comfort in that!